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Light (Shadows #2) Amber Lacie

GENRE:  Contemporary Romance


AUTHOR: Amber Lacie

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Lola Kyle Reviews::: This book has been rated a scorching 5 stars. Read on more to find out.
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The story picks up where it ended in Shadows. Light is proving to give me quite the conniption as I think to myself “My my my, how the tables have turned.” My need to call Eve, Needy Evie, fades as I see her grow into the woman I know she has to be for her man.  Chapters filled with plot twists and jaw dropping scenes I read on.
The song, Freak of the Week, blares through my speakers as my playlist fits perfectly with this book. An intense sex scene unveils before my eyes and I’m forced to shake my head as I say, naughty naughty. Can you say STEAMY??

The author captures the passion, the turmoil, and most importantly my attention.  I cannot leave this book alone. I read on and I swear my playlist is reading this book with me because without a beat it switches perfectly with the turning of the page. I read on a sweet scene where they are needing each other and Show Me Love by Sam Fedlt is playing out. This author makes my heart soar and my panties… Well, I’ll just leave that hanging in the air! I’m afraid to admit that this book is turning me into a sap and a pervert. Well done Amber, I’m now officially a pervert like you. lol

This book had me squinting! It’s like I had to beg my eyes! Like “Dude, we’re wearing glasses. We don’t need to squint!” But it’s so freaking unbelievable. You just had to squint at the way the author had with words. I am in LOVE! Dearest Author, will you marry me? I’m not sure if you know, but I believe in my heart that Alice is my kin! lol. I am the mayor of Lola Land and she is probably some direct relative, twice removed because she was different. The mention of Alice in Wonderland in your book, just put you in my Fave list, as if you weren’t already there.

You did something that no other author has done before. You’ve brought me to tears. The Weekn’d’s,  Earned It, is playing in the background as this beautiful scene unfurls before me. I am content. I have loved every twist and turn that this journey has taken me on. I look forward to any book you produce in the future! You have earned the stars I am giving you. No one has ever broken my heart, made me cry and patched the pieces back together like you have. This book is a must read and must have in paper back! I’m buying it for all my friends! I do declare that you have produced another hit! Weave on dream weaver. 🙂 



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