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The Book Community Is Killing My Love Of Books

This post! Just GAH!! Read it.

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Check out Quirky Wordies Author Services.

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Camp NanoWriMo July. Yes or No???



Yes I am. Every year I say I will complete Camp Nano and every year I fizzle out. Will this year be any different? I sure hope so. I have an awesome Story line and concept and hopefully just hopefully I have the amazing confidence in myself to see it through. I have an awesome writing buddy and hopefully we can motivate each other enough to get this going. 

Being a blogger is fun and I’ve always been into books and being a PA and starting my Author Services company has been an amazing start on a career that I have always wanted. It also inspired me to write. I have an amazing mentor that I cannot event think about doing this without. Even with some bumps in the road. I think that I have the potential to be an amazing author. I’ll be writing under a pen name. I’m actually too scared to go public. At least for now anyway. :p 

Have you ever tried Camp NanoWriMo? I wanna hear about your writing journey. Do you wanna try your hand at writing short stories and need help meeting deadlines. Check out Camp NanoWriMo and join in on the awesome community that offers guidelines, motivation and like minded individuals that make this all easier. If you’re already on Camp Nano send me a friend request, My server name is HeadmistressCharming.

To Go To Camp Nano just click here

That’s my thoughts for now. I’m gonna go sip on some Bug Juice (Coffee maybe red wine) and get to writing. Talk soon Leaus and Lolitas! Can’t wait to hear what you think.