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The Cilantro in Apple Pie Review

Genre: Young Adult

Author: Kimberly Nadine Knights

Loky Rating: This book has been rated a finger licking 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon. Click read more to find out my thoughts.

Like eating curry with your fingers, it all comes naturally for this author. Rubie is a Trini-girl in a foreign world. Determined to make her new life at Lumiere Prep, one she takes alone. However the fates had something else in store for her. She is thrown off guard when she meets Gil, the boy who needs to be her friend.  This gloomy boy, hell bent on showing the world of blue bloods that he is nothing like them, is a kindred spirit. She finds herself on a journey that she wasn’t expecting to take as she adjusts to life in a new place, while simultaneously battling the demons she brought from Trinidad.
The author wastes no time in telling you like it is. She blends seamlessly the culture shock you experience as an islander in the land of the free, while giving you a taste of her culture at the same time. The brilliance she displayed by adding a glossary for the readers who may not be fluent in Trini is commendable. Though her writing style is different, it’s not by any means poorly written. Passion rolled off of each paragraph you read. Whether it was the dry serious manner Gil portrayed or the sarcastic wit that Rubie delivered. She never failed to leave you wanting more. This debut novel is one that I would recommend to my friends. It’d make for the perfect Christmas gift for a teenager or simply perfect for a coffee top read.
Job well done author. Congrats on your debut!

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