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Ebo Review

Genre:: Young Adult

Category: Paranormal

Author: L.Lombard

Loky Rating:  Lola Kyle reviews rated this book a roaring 5 stars on goodreads and amazon. click read more to find out more..

 photo 5-star-rating_zpsjvktftdp.png

Ebo by L.Lombard has proven itself to be a book to be reckoned with. This young adult paranormal is simply riveting. Can you imagine being thrown into a world that you never knew existed? That the man you’re destined to love is forever 22 or that he’s the reason you’ve lost everything? Josephine is young child and not yet a woman when she meets EBO, the one man she’s destined to love, but forgets exist as she is faced with a series of unfortunate events that will eventually lead her back to him.
The way that the author weaves this tale is by far the most unique story I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Though the creatures of our myths are the same. She spins a refreshing tale. Though at time I was a bit confused. One line Ebo says, I am never hot or cold. I am always this temperature, but how is it he can feel the cool wall against his back?
Other than that dilemma, L. Lombard writes a clean cut romance, one that everyone can enjoy from young to old. Filled with plot twists and laughter, this book should be added to your TBR. The eyes have it! This author has written a hit!

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