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Book: Taste (A Terrayway Novel 1) 

Author: Mary E.Twomey

Loky Rating: All the stars in the Universe but amazon will only let me give you 5. SO take all the stars!!!wp-1463814780554.jpg

Mary, Mary, Mary, here we are yet again! New book, same reaction!!!! Yes, I needed that many exclamation marks because this book was just a ‘Taste’ of what is to come in the Terraway novels. HA! See what I did there?giphy-1

Ok okay. Let’s get to the review. This refreshing new twist on Filipino folklore made me want to go do research to know more about the creatures written. Even though my fave author is very descriptive, she gives you enough detail that you want to know so much more! She leaves you details and hints about the background of each creature, or is it race? I’m not sure what the politically correct term would be, but you get my drift. Her writing style is so amazing that it’s like you’re there and it’s happening to you. There was one scene in particular in the beginning. Read this and see for yourself:

Air was suddenly difficult to suck through my lungs. I needed to find a safe place to pull over, but the moths were in my face. I thought it couldn’t get any worse until something slimy slithered up my pant leg. I shrieked and kicked my right foot without thinking, slamming on the gas by accident. The moths began to flutter around the car, giving me a glimpse of the road I was swerving down more precariously than Evil Knievel had a right to.” [Taste (Terraway, #1) (Kindle Locations 117-120). Mary E. Twomey.]


Tell me that wasn’t good? I literally kicked my flip flop off my foot when I read that. She’s so talented and the storyline is unique, like nothing I’ve never read before. In my opinion, the author took a risk that paid off. I cannot WAIT to read more. The Characters are so complex, and there is so much room for growth for both supporting and main characters. 3 cheers for Mary E. Twomey and 5 stars for Taste! Now that I was a good fan girl, may I please have book two?


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