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Shadows Amber Lacie

GENRE:  Contemporary Romance

AUTHOR: Amber Lacie

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Lola Kyle Reviews::: This book has been rated a scorching 5 stars. Read on more to find out.
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I can’t even comprehend where to begin!!!! YOOOOOOO, okay let me calm down! (wooosahhhh!!!)  Alright, let’s get started.

This book focuses on Evelyn, better known as Eve, as she goes through a journey of love and loss. She meets this beautiful stranger who gives her fireworks (better known as Theron) the same day her entire life goes into a spiral. She loses a part of her that threatens to destroy her and in swoops Captain Save ‘Em because who doesn’t need a hero to rescue them from themselves? Not knowing that he’ll be the very thing that she needs to survive. This books is filled with pure passion and unadulterated fire that threatens to leave you wanting more. There are times when I was like “Pervert! You just met him and you’re thinking such things?!” And there are other times when I laughed so hard at the characters because I’m like “Goal! She scores again!” Grandma is just comedic gold! I wanna be like her when I grow up. Then my brain torn between is yelling, “OMG! He’s a serial kidnapper/stalker dude run!” and “AWWWWW, I want one of him. Can I have him in a box with a bow attached, please?” It makes you wanna bite your lips and yell “Oh Gawd help us all. I mean what is this life? BE MINE!!!!” lol. You’d have to read it to understand.  Filled an ever building climax that makes you shout! “If you ruin this for me author, I’m going to die! How do I live without this love? ” Coupled with the murmurs of Pervert you my dear author are a pervert! I like it *smirks* A huge devastation and then the intense rekindling makes your jaw drop and say “WHAT??” As your brain is trying to rationalize between swooning and chastising her for being putty in her hands. 

Finally, the unexpected plot twist that 5 (and I do mean 5) measly words that leave your brain a mess thinking “Wait, what? I thought… But… Huh?!” So I’m left with these thoughts “Damn you, Amber! (Yes, I’m calling you out.) How dare you leave me hanging like this. Fix this. You left me with a void!”  I rate this book a piping hot 5 fucking stars because it’s all I can give you, but I’d rate you all the stars in the universe in Lola Land. You my dear, have weaved a beautiful tale. 😉

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