Too much of a Good Thing?

So recently I was reading a book and at first glance it had me so excited!!!books.gif

DRAGONS!!!!! that was my initial thoughts when I first started the book. then I got BDSM and my heart and soul went OH… I continued on and I became so crest fallen. . Why does everything need to be about BDSM lately! Don’t get me wrong my  nether regions clench at the thought of a good bdsm session. Oh my gosh, aren’t we just milking the cow a little too much?? I fear all this milking of the BDSM niche is turning it into Bull.


  I get it. 50 shades of …… is the in thing but really? This isn’t the new twilight PEOPLE!. You remember when The book first became popular everybody and their uncle was writing about Vampires? everyone was like Zombie what is that? shifter you mean Jacob? The definition of Mc Dreamy became a vampire that sparkled and the girl next door became well the person who’s facial expressions rivaled that of a door mat. boring-convo-gif

Don’t get me wrong. We like what we like. But constantly trying to fit something in where it doesn’t belong is just wrong in my opinion. Seriously. No amount of imagination should think it’s okay to sully dragons by pairing it with something as trivial as sex. Now, Now, don’t get your knickers in a bunch. I’m not saying a little smut is bad. I mean from time to time we all look at those x-rated films or read those  steamy one handed reads like The Book Signing by C.C. Genovese. However something as amazing as Dragons should be able to stand on it’s own without having to use sex to sell it. gif lust addison

Sometimes SEX sells and sometimes it just shows a lack of depth and creative whimsy. This is simply my opinion on the matter. Let me know what you think. Do you think that sometimes too much of a good thing is just that. Too much? Or do you welcome with open arms the watering down of something that is so much more than a quick sex scene?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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The Cilantro in Apple Pie Review

Genre: Young Adult

Author: Kimberly Nadine Knights

Loky Rating: This book has been rated a finger licking 5 stars on Goodreads and Amazon. Click read more to find out my thoughts.
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Rise of The Europan Review

Genre: Science Fiction

Author(s):Don VanAusdoll , Tracy Vincent , Kitty Sarkozy ,                                                                Daniel Hunt , Eugene Kelly III, Damian Roache 

LoKy Ratings:
 photo 4stars_zps6hf4jpd0.png
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Interview With Kimberly Nadine Knights

Hey there, by now you’ve seen the Book Blitz and Giveaway and you’re wondering: “Who is Kimberly Knights?” Continue on for an interview, with the author of The Cilantro in Apple Pie Kimberly Nadine Knights.

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The Cilantro In Apple Pie Book Blitz

Book & Author Details:
The Cilantro In Apple Pie by Kimberley Nadine Knights
Published by: Ravenswood Publishing
Publication date: May 5th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

Fragnut. Confused? Well so is everyone else at Lumiere Hall Prep when sixteen-year-old Rubie Keane rolls in from Trinidad and Tobago talking her weird lingo. Not that she minds the culture confusion; she’s determined to leave the past behind her and be overlooked—but a certain stoic blue blood is equally as determined to foil her plans.

Gil Stromeyer’s offbeat personality initially makes Rubie second-guess his sanity, but she suspects his erratic outbursts of violence mask a deeper issue in his troubled, charmed life. Despite his disturbing behavior, a gradual bond forms between the two. However, on the night of the annual Stromeyer gala, events unfold that leave Rubie stripped of her dignity and kick Gil’s already fragile world off its axis.

Both their well-kept secrets are uncovered, but Gil’s revelation proves that sometimes the best remedy for a bad case of lost identity, is a dash of comradery from an ally packed with flavor.

AUTHOR BIO:Kimberley 2.jpg

Kimberley Nadine Knights knew when she kept willingly opting out of parties so she could stay home and write instead, that she was destined to be an author.

Born and raised in the tropical twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, when this Caribbean girl isn’t creating new plotlines for her ever growing lineup of fictional characters, she spends her time strumming her guitar to indie rock songs and snapping once in a lifetime photos halfway across the globe in countries such as Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and France.

She’s an avid fan of The Walking Dead series and firmly believes that The Food Network should consider her being a judge on the next Chopped challenge.
Visit her website and learn more about this up and coming author.

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