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I’m Lola Kyle. I am 23 and an avid bookie. I enjoy talking to other people about books and other topics that interest me. I view myself as very opinionated, though I love hearing what other people has to say. I am the Mayor of Lala Land. A place that  also shares the same Universe as Earth, Ambrosia, and now our new neighbor Undraland. Yes. I love fantasy and anything Paranormal. Though I love regency as well. So many authors so little time. All books are made equal. Well not really, but how can you choose just one genre to read. With high hopes and expectations. I forage on digging deeper in my quest to quench the undying thirst being a reader has left me with. Come along with me on this journey. Let’s explore the paper realms together.


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  1. I’m behind, but just checked out your blog and I love it. What kind of books do you find most entertaining? Do you have any other suggestions as well? I’m always on the prowl for a new paperback occupy my mind.


    1. Hey there, thanks for the compliment. I love books. So I don’t have a particular genre. I usually tend to gravitate to young adult and paranormal because well. I’m a child at heart forever. I am going to start adding suggestions to my facebook page daily. So be sure to follow and say hi!


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