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Rise of The Europan Review

Genre: Science Fiction

Author(s):Don VanAusdoll , Tracy Vincent , Kitty Sarkozy ,                                                                Daniel Hunt , Eugene Kelly III, Damian Roache 

LoKy Ratings:
 photo 4stars_zps6hf4jpd0.png

This was new for me. An anthology and a sci-fi one no less. I will give my overall opinion of the works in the books, and then I will break it down bit by bit. On a whole, this book was well written, the different authors adding different stories showed variety and intriguing difference in writing style. Though, I think I might just prefer sci-fi movies over the books. The attention to detail made this book something you didn’t want to read before going to bed. It’s vivid. Kudos on the gore man. I do have to say, some parts were harder to digest than others, but again, it was well written and kept you reading on.

Creed – I was into it, he had me going with his tyrannical way of speaking. I mean he sounded like a politician and I know it was meant to be serious, but I couldn’t help but chuckle at him.

Broken – Oh yes! Jason. lol. I mean… *clears throat* This was good, there was a little mystery, some action and a good guy working for a corporation he despised.

Crimsom Coil – Oh gosh! I mean, in the most respectful way ever dude… Shut up!!!! lol. I didn’t like this one. He’s still ranting and raving about something that in all honesty, I skipped. It was cute the first time, but the second time…. Maybe I need to read it again???

Triggers – Well, I kinda had to go back to Crimson Coil and read the part I skipped and then it clicked. This self-righteous politician from another part of the cosmos was responsible for the events that took place in this chapter. It was well written and I loved that it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, but back bone and grit! Well done. I have a need to know more about Ledge and Jaara. Consider writing more?

A Gift of Fire – Now this I can handle. It’s not like the previous rants he had in the past. This is more of a gloat I won the election speech. It’s not long, but it’s to the point. I actually read all of it this time, in all it’s descriptive glory. (Stuff to give me nightmares. I wont look under the bed and I will recycle! lol)

Average Joe – Honestly, I’m not sure if this was essential to the plot. It feels like it can be a good stand alone book. From going from our politician plotting war, to this drawn out episode. I think that the author should have taken time to manipulate the plot. Some of the information given wasn’t necessary and it distracted us from the overall plot. (My least favorite part of the book.) It lived up to it’s name, average.

En Caul- Yes PLEASE!!! like This was worth it. I was pulled deeper into this world, I blinked only because I had to. It was captivating. I’m going to ask the author now. Please make this storyline a novel ( yes I know i skipped over some but it’ll be summed up below.)

Breaking down the rest would kill me because honestly, I can’t stand to say anything mean and I just don’t want it to outweigh the good… It became a bit redundant and I found myself getting frustrated. It took me 4 times to finish this book and I wasn’t happy that I had to struggle. Some stories were super good and had me wanting more and the others just lacked anything of substance for me to grab on to. I will give this a 4 out of 5 rating, because collectively it was well written, maybe I should say that parts of it just wasn’t my thing.

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