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Interview With Kimberly Nadine Knights

Hey there, by now you’ve seen the Book Blitz and Giveaway and you’re wondering: “Who is Kimberly Knights?” Continue on for an interview, with the author of The Cilantro in Apple Pie Kimberly Nadine Knights.

1. What inspires you?

Definitely music – specifically original scores from films. My favorites are from The Village, Finding Neverland, Pride & Prejudice, Meet Joe Black and Life as a House.

2. What’s your advice to an aspiring author?

Write what your love not what you like. You have to be passionate about a topic to reach those magical words of the and end. Never write a book because that particular genre is popular – by the time
you’re done it’ll be saturated. Also ignore the naysayers…you’ll be part of a very exclusive club when you finally finish your book 🙂

 3. Do you ever experience writer’s block?

I like to call it writer’s diversion lol. Suddenly my idea isn’t as exciting as I initially thought, so then I drift into another storyboard. But absence makes the heart grow
fonder and I usually return to book 1 with full force after a few weeks. For normal writers block I force myself to write 1000 words a day even if it’s 1000 words of crap.

4. Who is your favorite character in The Cilantro in Apple Pie?

Believe it or not it’s the male protagonist Gil. His character was so much fun to develop because he’s
such a drastic departure from anything I know firsthand. He’s flawed in so many ways but for the right reasons…so you can’t help but root for him.

5. Could you describe your definition of a perfect writing day?

I can’t write in the day…only at night. Guess that makes me some kind of literary vampire – but my ideal writing ‘time-period’ would be locked in a cold room with a desk and my laptop, burning the midnight oil till 6am with my score mp3’s and a cup of java.

6. Who would play your two main characters in a movie?

Rubie’s look is complicated. If I had to narrow it down she’d be a mixture of Nathalie Kelley, Zendaya and Olivia Munn. Gil – a younger, taller version of Cillian Murphy.

7. How did you come up with the title for your book?

It’s all about contrasting personalities that click the
same way contrasting flavors work well together (sweet & sour chicken, cardamom chocolate or sea salt ice-cream). I’ve never actually tried cilantro in apple pie, but who knows. It may be a culinary break through.

8. If you weren’t a writer what would you be?

I love my day job – I work in the Marketing Department.
But if I had a second chance I’d probably be a chef. I baked cupcakes for a while and sold them to neighboring businesses. Won’t mind doing that again.

9. What comes first; the plot or characters?

Always the characters…I walk around sometimes envisioning them in my head until they’re almost real to me. It builds and builds until finally they spill out onto the
page. The plot then develops around these characters.

10. Writers sometimes face rejection before getting published. Did you?

Oh yeah big time. It became somewhat of a private running joke when the rejection count passed double digits but I just kept telling myself I have nothing to lose. All it takes is one yes. You forget the noes after.

The Cilantro in Apple Pie was so well received at the launch on May 5 th, that we are pleased to share with you a special character interview with the cold and silent Gil.
Please read as we ask some of the questions sent in by readers.

1. What’s it like being one of the richest people in Massachusetts?

I wouldn’t know. That title belongs to my father.
But you’re his son.
Someone has to be.

2. What’s your favorite color?

*Grumbles* Black

3. Do you think you’ll get married one day?

No – but if I do that female better be prepared.

4. Do you have a dream?

I don’t dream.                                                                                Why not?                                                                                         Next question.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?

On planet earth.

6. Who do you see yourself still in contact with 5 yrs from now?

If she’s willing to stay for the ride, Rubie

You guys are pretty close.

Are you asking me or telling me?

I guess it’s an observation

Then I guess you’re right

7. Can I ask why you two are so close?

You can ask but that doesn’t mean I’ll answer. *stares at interviewer* I believe everyone by now knows our story so reiterating won’t make it any more true. But if you need a different statement I’ll just say she’s the only person who sees me.
Can you elaborate?
To most I’m defined by your first question in this interview. To Rubie…I’m a robot who couldn’t smile even if I was programmed to. (actual small smirk) In her own colorful words

8. Any new additions to the glossary?


9. Any new favorite words?


10. What’s that?
Stick around and find out.

11. You’re a very private person so we’d like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us.

Thanks for having me, but next time, please call my brother Reed.

In honor of our Trinbagonian Author. I’d like to end this interview the way a trini would.

Party Done!


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