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Original Blood: Gailene’s Vow Stuart Land

Genre: Paranormal

Author: Stuart Land

Quirkie Wordies Rating: 3 out of 5 birdies

22 year old Zondra is thrust into a world, unwittingly so, when she almost dies. (Now my thing is why you gotta try kill her Stuart? What did she ever do to you? Huh?) Anyhow she meets this mysterious, yet alluring, gentleman that goes by the name of Jerimiah, who then turns her life upside down when he just shows up everywhere. (Me thinks this is unhealthy. lol Run he’s a stalker, Z). Skipping over spoilers. We see a mutual trust and friendship blossoming between these two. Is there more? Why I think you need to read to find out.

We’re introduced to Gailene, who plays a pivotal role in the plot of this story.¬† At first I found the time shifts a bit disconcerting, especially where it is apparent the author is not of the time. Sorry. However, it gets better. The writing style becomes more fluid and things finally start to meld. (Spoiler Alert) I was a bit shocked that Thomas Jefferson was umm… Doing the nasty with Gailene. lol. There were some times when things would become a bit hard to believe and I had to read the paragraph again to understand the point of view. (My suggestion dear author would be to send it to be revised by your beta and editor for formatting, there were some errors.) ¬†However, the use of comedic reprieve and romantic interest, the story soon became enjoyable and should be given a chance to excel in the market.

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