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Coping with “The End.” Guide to a book hangover

So you find a good series. You think it’s gonna last forever. YOU ARE WRONG! Yes I have to rip the band aid off. Most books are so intense they need to come with warning signs. 


  • If you read this book, you should be old enough to drink wine.

Those are only a few warning labels that should come with books.

Some authors create a world so real you feel like you’re apart of it. Like you’re the neighbor the author so vaguely mentions. The friend that the author wanted to protect so she left your name out. It’s usually all blasé and second nature until you start yelling to your hero or heroine. When you give them advice that falls on deaf ears or in this case, ink that fails to print on paper!  You  get upset when they make a bad decision because they are your friends, your sole purpose is to see that you make it through to the end so that they get their happily ever after. It is known that for every book that goes unfinished a tree cries for it’s brother in bark (ha! I crack me up). Do you like it when trees cry? No, right?. Neither do I! Finish your damn book . lol. No seriously finish it!

 Like how does a mere human cope with such intensity. lucky for me I’m not human and I’ll  give you some tips. You scream, you giggle, you cry (ugly preferably) and lots of wine or milk or orange juice?! Some of the books on my blog; If you have read them means you’re old enough to drink wine. It’s hard letting go of characters you’ve so fondly gotten to know and grown attached to. Have no fear! You can always go back and read it again, but i highly recommend you find someone in that same genre and get to making new friends.

You know that nursery rhyme ” Make new friends and keep the old some is silver and the other is gold…” Think of books in the same way. You can never read a book too many times. You just have to read more books and fan girl to them as well. There are many ways you can keep your friendships with these characters alive.

  • Follow Authors
    • This means all their social media. Stalk them and chat with them. Get to know the brain behind the content. Ask all the questions that piled up whilst you read.
  • Join fan clubs
    • This means go connect with others who read the same book you did. Find out who their fave character is. Make new friends and chat , chat it up.
  • Create your own fan fiction and share with the authors.
    • This can be anything really. Short stories, Picture boards with who you think should play whom
  • Leave a Review.
    • Authors don’t get paid much. Reviews help them get more exposure. The more you rate review and share the book. The motivation this author receives to continue writing.

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9 thoughts on “Coping with “The End.” Guide to a book hangover

  1. Almost every book I pick up, I get invested in the characters.
    Following there trials and lives is addictive and I often wonder what there doing now.
    I mean, there not real! Why am I wondering if they carried on doing things!?

    I find that I take inspiration from the characters I absorb, often changing my own to model something near to there lives and what they did.

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    1. That’s the effects of a good book. I believe that any author that can captivate the readers and pull them into their world is a darn good one. Inspiration comes in all forms, being emotionally invested in a good thing; it means the author did their job well.

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  2. Oh man, this is exactly how I try to write the Earthen Witch universe. Even though it’s obviously urban fantasy, I try to make it as real and tangible as possible. I find that the best books are the ones that are so real, and the characters written well enough that I feel I am them, are the most powerful. 💕 I sincerely hope that my of world has that same effect for you as it has on others, should you decide to read them. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh of course I’ve already decided to read all the stuff that you have available to the public. Your writing style is something that drew me in. I cannot wait to see what your characters have in store for me. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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