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The Quarter Change

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: Kiarra M. Taylor

Lola Kyle Reviews::: Read on for my thoughts on why I rated this book 5 stars.

 photo 5-star-rating_zpsjvktftdp.png  photo superthumb_zpsoayieppi.jpg

Kimbella Tyler is just a girl going through life. Upon approaching her 25th birthday, she vows to make a change. Is her plan to change from plain Jane, realistic or just insane?

Now a couple days ago, if you had told me I’d be reading a contemporary romance of my own volition, I would have barked out with laughter! Little did I know, that this book would have captured my attention like it did. The raw, unadulterated passion that rose in droves of steam out of this book was met then cooled down with comedic wit and unconditional love. This made for one sleepless night and many, many knots forming (if you catch my drift.) I can say this book was like an ice cold slushy on a scorching day. It gives you a fresh take on how a woman, who is coming into who she is meant to be, takes that plunge into taking control of her own life. Making fun and new experiences a priority, while finding herself and in return finding love. The author never failing to capture the raw emotion and emphasizing the importance of communication, spins a not so tragic tale of love found then lost and the self empowering journey to reclaim it once again. A must have on your shelves and in your kindle carousel.

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