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The Soulmate (Immortal #2)

GENRE: Young Adult

CATEGORY: Fantasy/ Paranormal

AUTHOR: Terra James

Lola Kyle Reviews::: I rated this book 3 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. Continue reading to find out more.

 photo 81ca94c6-3dab-45c8-b251-1ac1a694f6b4_zpsyfjiw0pv.png

Hold on, what? Is it possible to get whiplash from a book? I do think I’m getting ahead of myself here. So when we last left this very tragic ultimate five. Sadie and Em were still in captivity.  This book picks up where the one prior to has left off, in a cell and some sort of romantic preamble is being spewed between Em and Dravon, who the author never fails to remind us is her soul mate! (Again with the repetition dear author.)

Whilst the rescue team made up of witches and vampires and werewolves, (oh my!)  They come up with a plan that according to the Moon Goddess, is doomed to fail. So our heroes are forced to sit and twiddle their thumbs.  (Maybe I should say spoiler alert or something?) and so the girls are forced to save their own skin! Which of course goes wrong. I mean at this point I’m reading so that I can find out what else can go wrong.

With some slight comedic reprieve I trudge on.  The roles are reversed so quickly I think I need a neck brace or maybe something to keep my head from spinning because boy oh boy does the author have a surprise for you in store. In my opinion, the only reason to continue at this point are the plot twists!

Though all in all it was not a bad read. I just think that it had more potential to do better. The plot thickens as it leaves you with a major cliffhanger. I hope I am not as disappointed when I attempt to read the third book in this series.


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