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The Chosen (Immortal #1)

GENRE: Young Adult

CATEGORY: Fantasy/Paranormal

AUTHOR: Terra James

Lola Kyle Reviews:::: I rated this book 3 out of 5 stars. Read on to find out why.

 photo 81ca94c6-3dab-45c8-b251-1ac1a694f6b4_zpsyfjiw0pv.png

So Emmaline is just your everyday, run of the mill teenage girl, until her 17th birthday when she discovers that she is different. Her everyday routine changes when she realizes that can she can read the mind of the jerk next door that she crushes on and gets tingly feelings when her best guy friend touches her. My eyes roll at the presumed love triangle that is rearing it’s head this early in the book. Like really? Can’t a girl just pick one boy?! Well I was wrong. ( yea yea… gasp! ) I admit it. The dynamic was totally different. With what in my opinion was too much dialog, I continue to read because, hey, when am I ever wrong about predicting a book? This should be interesting I told myself.

I continue reading and I’m bombarded with cliche after cliche, but it’s cute. I usually have a problem with books written in everyone’s point of view. I’m like hey! Pick a person and tell their story! However, I get it. These characters and their mind frames all play an important part in moulding the story’s plot. I like that the female lead doesn’t have self esteem issues, that would have killed me and I would have had to leave this book to be a DNF.

The story picks up and I find myself enthralled by the events taking place and the impending doom that is so apparent. This was a good read, though I didn’t like the constant repeating of simple things. But with that being said, I understand that it is a different point of view. If they all had the same text, do I really have to read it again in the next point of view after it was initially sent, two pages over? Nope. I think not. Me thinks that the author was repetitive to the point of skipping over the paragraph.

At certain points I couldn’t help, but laugh and say well duhhhh… All in good humour of course because I must admit it was entertaining and for that reason I continued on, coupled with plot twist of course. I was a bookie enjoying a love hate relationship with this book and because of this, I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

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