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Soul of Flame (Imdalind, #4)

GENRE:  Young Adult


AUTHOR: Rebecca Ethington

LOLA KYLE REVIEWS::: I gave this review 5 stars  on Amazon and Goodreads. Read on  for my thoughts.

 photo 2ad9ba94-1fbb-404c-9dc6-6dc98ddfb8d0_zpszwgyvyuw.jpg

The excitement built inside of me like Jos’s power. Though not as fast paced as the books prior to in this series, the suspense made up for the lack of action. The fear she felt inducing a crest fallen heart, the trueness of the love she felt for Ilyan. Finally realizing that he is her everything. Had my Team Ilyan banner flying high. I was like Rylan who? Sorry for the spoiler but it was necessary.I connected with each emotion in this book because it was so well written. Rebecca Ethington’s words just flowed off the page and straight into my heart. I couldn’t believe that it was happening. That the battle they’ve been talking about throughout the book was finally here. The suspense of Joclyn’s ability to actually fight Edmund. Save the world and the conflicting emotions of knowing her own death was eminent. This couldn’t have been written better. The author potrayed and played on each character’s weakness and strengths. Even the playful banter that couldn’t have been easy to create amongst such a tense environment. My heart soared with the final scenes when it all became clear that this wasn’t the end. That i’d get more time with the characters I’ve come to know and love. Congrats Rebbecca Ethington on a job well done. I applaud you.



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