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Scorched Treachery (Imdalind, #3)

GENRE:  Young Adult


AUTHOR: Rebecca Ethington

LOLA KYLE REVIEWS::: I gave this review 5 stars  on Amazon and Goodreads. Read on  for my thoughts

 photo 2ad9ba94-1fbb-404c-9dc6-6dc98ddfb8d0_zpszwgyvyuw.jpg

My heart plummeted as I saw the letters “POV”. I mentally cringed as the memories of the authors past and having to trudge through their failed versions of a point of view. Even more alarmed, as I saw it’d be written from two different point of views. I laughed to myself thinking it was best to skip it that maybe Rebecca had met her match. The muses aren’t that free with inspiration. “Hark” the muses herald “It’d be worth it. Persevere and try the book.” And so I did. My heart sang as I dived into this view of the events past happy to see it wasn’t word for word as I feared but refreshing and very informing. To see all that has happened from the point of view of both Ilyan and Wyn. The challenges they had to over come. To bring us to a point of realization of what was missed in the book prior to. My brain soared as it soaked in all the info not wanting to miss an important tidbit even though we knew what has already come to pass. It was like it was all new and I was on a roller-coaster ride that I never wanted to get off. The constant high; just when you thought it was okay to breathe. The plot twisted and you couldn’t help but hold your breath, cross your fingers and read on. This book was just as packed with action even though the main protagonist was trapped in the mind of a monster. My playlist in the background steadily matching the pace of the book with the beat of the music. Just when i thought things couldn’t get any better in the book I was on the edge of my seat as my heart swelled with pride at the growth of each of my favorite characters. Again. This author did not fail to deliver a book that pulls you into her world and ensures that you experience what she’s written so eloquently on the pages she’s delivered…..KUDOS AUTHOR ON ANOTHER JOB WELL DONE.



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