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Kiss of Fire (Imdalind #1)

GENRE:  Young Adult

CATEGORY : Fantasy

AUTHOR: Rebecca Ethington

LOLA KYLE REVIEWS::: I gave this review 5 stars  on Amazon and Goodreads. Read on  for my thoughts

 photo 2ad9ba94-1fbb-404c-9dc6-6dc98ddfb8d0_zpszwgyvyuw.jpg

Can you imagine being thrust into a world that you never knew? Losing your sense of self yet finding it all at the same time? Then you’d be able to relate to Jos. Without the risk of spoiling it for everyone who has yet to read this book. I am just going to praise the writing style of Rebecca Ethington. It’s superb that she can create a character that is so full of life yet unwilling to live it. The introverted heroin who doesn’t want to stand out by no means necessary. This novel has a steady flow of adventure that is delivered just right and doesn’t just throw you into situations that change so quickly it gives you whiplash. Praises for Rebecca as she takes you on this tumultuous journey of love and finding self. This fantasy book isn’t by no means a teen version of Eat Pray Love but one more of Do or Die, Fight and Win or Flee to face another day. Can you believe that It was free? Catchy way to lure readers in to become addicted to The Imdalind Series. A must read..

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