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Eyes of Ember (Imdalind, #2)

GENRE: Young Adult


AUTHOR:  Rebecca Ethington

LOLA KYLE REVIEWS::: I gave this review 5 stars  on Amazon and Goodreads. Read on  for my thoughts

  photo 2ad9ba94-1fbb-404c-9dc6-6dc98ddfb8d0_zpszwgyvyuw.jpg

Oh my Goddess. Can you say packed and I’m not talking about the steamy passion or intimate tension. I’m talking about action packed into this book. From the first chapter to the very last page. The passion, the journey the adventure. Oh my words. Rebecca you are a genius. You have been blessed with a muse so giving that the words come to life. It’s like a movie in my head. I couldn’t put this book down. I refused to even go to the bathroom because the chapter was so good. Okay okay. Let me slow down. Again i wont spoil it by posting things from the book. However if I do please forgive me. I’m bursting at the seams with pleasure. This book did not disappoint. I was sucked into your world yet again. I held my breath with Jos. I laughed, I danced. I could feel the humid air of Santa Fe. I grew to love Jocelyn’s character even more as she blossomed right before my eyes. As her power and sense of self assailed her with confidence though still introverted, I adoringly pined with and regrettably sighed when there was loss. This book has been put me on team No sleep because I couldn’t put it down. I felt my pulse quickening as events unfurled. This book has not let me down. It gave me great pleasure to read this book. I applaud you. Well done Author you’ve hooked me. I look forward to the 3rd book. MUST READ…. I can now say that this book has been added to my Guilty pleasures. Kudos to you.



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