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Deep Blue Secret (The Water Keepers Book 1)

Genre: Young Adult

Category: Fantasy

Author: Christie Anderson

Lola Kyle Reviews:: I gave this book 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads. Read on for my thoughts.
 photo 2ad9ba94-1fbb-404c-9dc6-6dc98ddfb8d0_zpszwgyvyuw.jpg

I find myself feeling like i’m standing right next to Rayne and Sadie. I feel like it’s real and i’m sharing this special moments with them. My heart automatically reacts when one hurts or when one is happy. I feel like Christie Anderson captured the essence of each character perfectly so the reader can relate and think of them as one would think of a long time friend. Keeps you wanting more. The fact that the Storyline is one that i have not read before and is a new take on YA books makes it even better. A definite must read.

This book is free. Click this link to get it


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